SHB’s 1st Gala-Annual Community Dinner
(Rising Up for Resilience)


Thanks to the fantastic support from our great community of friends and network in the health system, Somali Health Board’s first ever annual Gala-Rising Up for Resilience, was a success!

We were able to meet most of our fundraising goals through the ticket sales, the silent auction, and the individual donations. The annual Gala and other fundraising events throughout the year are very important in not only helping fund our community-building projects but also, are paramount to sustaining the community’s involvement in finding solutions to our problem and in creating and continuing public relations as well as networking and partnership-building and engagements.

The holistic approach to the individual and the community’s collective health-that is essential to addressing the current health disparities and laying down strong, vital foundations for the growth and the development of the community. Establishing access to unrestricted funds to support all of the other aspects of community-work through sponsorships and other capacity-building resources are also equally vital. Annual fundraisings and individual-donor cultivation are very central to the success and sustainability of our efforts.

Besides all of the organizing and tickets sales of our awesome! Executive Board of Directors and esteemed staff, the Somali Students Association of UW and Seattle University, have played an instrumental role in making sure that Gala was both very successful and enjoyable to all of our guests. Also, one local artist also has donated some art pieces to us so that we could raise funds auctioning them to our guests-another reason that shows that our values and efforts are not only shared by those we serve but is also is appreciated all across the health system.

Ahmed Mohamed Moge (Moge Yare), a sensational local singer provided the special entertainment segment at the dinner. Moge, plays the Oud, a short-neck lute-type instrument, which is a famous Somali classical music instrument. Even though the artist was born here and has never visited Somalia, many of the attendees enjoyed his songs so much so that they were reminded of great-old-times back home.

The gala was very successful and in the end, Somali Health Board has raised a total of $21,000. Thank you to all of our generous donors and community friends.