Upcoming Events

Health Fair

Our annual health fair and our mini-clinics are opportunities to empower community members with the right tools to address their health concerns by providing culturally competent preventative care during fairs and mini clinics.

SHB’s 1st Gala-Annual Community Dinner
(Rising Up for Resilience)

The annual Gala and other fundraising events throughout the year are very important in not only helping fund our community-building projects but also, are paramount to sustaining the community’s involvement in finding solutions to our problem and in creating and continuing public relations as well as networking and partnership-building and engagements.

Our Quarterly Meetings

Our quarterly meetings are held on every 3rd Thursday of every 3rd month from 6-8 pm. It provides a platform for members of our community, our partners in health system, students, and many community organizations to discuss and address important current health and social issues and solutions affecting our community.