Senior Health Promotion Program: SHPP


SHPP Program:

The Somali Senior Health Promotion is designed to support Somali-speaking seniors residing in South Seattle and South King County to have greater social connectedness, greater knowledge of how to care for their physical bodies through exercise and nutrition, greater knowledge of how to care for their mental health and preserve cognitive function, and greater knowledge of how to prevent, understand, and manage chronic diseases, reduce falls, and manage medication. we embraced the storytelling tradition and approach health from a casual, non-academic perspective that is more accessible to our seniors. As a Somali-led organization our goal is to deliver a culturally- and linguistically responsive program that meets the needs of our seniors. We understand the cultural, religious, and social norms in Somali immigrant communities. We leveraged these strengths as we designed this program. All services are provided in Somali-by-Somali professionals.


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